Hi. I design tech products and it is oodles of fun. Sometimes the apps are serious but the process is playful. I experiment, talk to people and nerd out on design. Check out my work!

Product Design Portfolio

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Foreign Affairs                                        Magazine

Responsive Website

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Home Page

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An iPhone App

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A Booking Flow

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A Website

A little bit more about me...

I figured I should add a picture. It helps if we ever have a blind coffee meeting or run into each other at Creative Mornings. It is always nice to connect a person to the work.  

I do love sticky notes. As a designer, it is important to be able to quickly write down an idea but also be able to stick it to a wall, move it around or potentially rip it up.

 I mostly write sticky notes on these topics:

  • User Research Methods
  • Information Architecture
  • Lean UX
  • Stories



Do you want to talk?

Email: Kassi.murray@gmail.com