One of my mom's favorite stories about me was when I asked her if my head could screw off. I had a friend who was an amputee and could take off her leg. In natural child's logic, I wondered if I could do the same but with my head. Luckily, I was smart enough to ask before I tried to unscrew it myself. I was a curious child who grew into a curious adult and I still like to ask those bizarre questions. 

As I have navigated through different types of co-workers, I have discovered the simple questions that unwraps their personalities. 

When I was a copywriter, I asked "What is the craziest thing you wrote an idea on?"

When I was a writer, I asked "Do you like taxidermy?"

When I was a fashion stylist, I asked  "What is your favorite texture?"

When I became a product designer and played with typefaces, I realized that the uppercase "Q" is the best letter in the alphabet. My question molded into "What font has the best Q?". Fonts have personalities and when a passionate designer talks about their favorite, it feels like they are talking about an inspirational artist or even their friend. 

Through all of my careers, I needed a curious mind. Sometimes I feel like a parrot that only knows one word: Why. As a product designer, I design a safe setting where I can ask why over and over again. Usually using more words than a parrot. But if I ask it enough times, I can dig out a discovery that can make or break a product.

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